Concrete Grinding / Polishing

Acid Staining is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction between acid stain and concrete. The chemical reaction produces a permanent, rich, variegated color on the surface of the concrete giving the look of natural stone or old leather. Because every concrete surface is different, the staining provides a custom look that is individual to each and every job.


Decorative concrete acid stains can transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of color and design, making it perfect for basements, restaurants, showrooms and garage floors. Even though acid stain is only available in eight basic colors by adding the process of saw cutting the concrete we can created a variety of patterns, such as tile patterns diamond patterns, borders and even custom mosaic patterns. To accent the saw cut design we generally finish off the application with grouting the saw cut with a contrasting color and apply a sealer to complete the process. We are sure to create a one of a kind job, just for you.