Is your concrete old and unsightly? Don’t rip it out resurface it.

We at First Impressions Decorative Concrete have been resurfacing concrete for 23 years. Whether you need to spruce up your existing concrete or you are looking to transform your concrete into something beautiful we have just the right system for you.

You may ask “Wouldn’t it be better just to remove and replace the existing concrete?” With our years of experience we can tell you if you have a project that can be successfully resurfaced.

What are the benefits of resurfacing?

  •  Cost- approximately half the cost of removal and replacement
  •  Appearance- with over 30 color and unlimited textures to compliment your home or business
  •  Durability-twice the compressive strength of plain concrete
  •  Cooler on feet- perfect around swimming pools
  •  Clean-ability- finished with 2 coats of protective sealer to prevent from staining from oil, dirt and other contaminants
  •  Less invasive-our application equipment small enough to fit through standard single gate opening

Concrete resurfacing is a perfect application for patios, pool decks, basements and restaurant floors. We have installed over a million square feet in the residential, commercial and theme park settings.

Call today to have us evaluate your concrete needs and become one of our satisfied customers such as Holiday Inn, Radisson Inn, Hotel Hershey and Hershey Park.