Are you tired of looking at your old stained garage floor? No matter how many times you clean it, it still always looks dirty! Let us install one of our Wearcoat Epoxy Garage Flooring systems. They are also perfect for new floor as well. The Wearcoat system can be used with an acid stained Garage floor, clear or pigmented Garage floors, or our customers favorite the Epoxy Flake Garage Floor.


The application process consists of diamond grinding your floor to remove all dirt and contaminates. Apply 1 coat of an epoxy primer, 1 intermediate coat of 100% epoxy, broadcast vinyl chips onto floor and apply 1 coat of a chemical resistant urethane. Most installations take just 2 days.


The Wearcoat Flooring system is an industrial grade product. Our Wearcoat epoxies and urethane have been the industry standards for floor coatings in commercial and industrial markets. Imagine if they can hold up in a large manufacturing facility, how well they will perform in your garage.


What if my Garage Floor is too badly damage to recieve the WearCoat system?  First Impressions can handle that also. We also provide removal and replacement of  Garage floors.


Our service areas  include  Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and even Northern Delaware. Call today to have our Garage Flooring expert evaluate your  flooring needs.